We began to miss the fun we had as kids, peddling around on the Big Wheel, racing our friends and pretending we were riding the most powerful bike in the world. We made it our mission to make what was in our imagination a reality and with that we introduce the new generation of Big Wheel, rebuilt from the ground up, into Big Wheel Extreme.


The Big Wheel Extreme is loaded with new features which assembles beautifully into the new design.

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Comfort is essential to the Big Wheel Extreme. The new suspension system including both front and rear suspension helps to tackle that tough terrain whilst remaining comfortably seated in a shock absorbent seat. The front suspension provides steering support for maximum steering capability and reduced vibration to riders hands.

Brake Disc

Being extreme has its risks, which is a factor we took into account when designing the Big Wheel X. In order to prevent you damaging both your head and your dignity the Big Wheel Extreme is kitted out with a brand new disc brake, activated using the lever mounted to the handlebars.

The Wheel

Last but not least, the most important aspect of the Big Wheel Extreme, the wheel itself! The old wheel design isn't a patch on this gorgeous new design. After establishing that plastic offers absolutely no control, we gave the Big Wheel X a real wheel, with thick, powerful tread and sturdy metal spokes for support.

This new design has been tested at speeds of up to 50mph, although we recommend wearing a helmet if you try this at home.

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